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I have used Lois to find my last four nannies and each time she has come up trumps.

I've been registered with other agencies too but nobody else has really taken the time to find the right person for my situation. I'm a busy working mum with two school-aged daughters, a husband and a dog and I need a driver and a fluent English speaker. The young women Lois has found for me have always understood that I need support that goes beyond babysitting and a bit of cleaning. I need someone to slot into our family and help me run our whole life - a stay-at-home me, if you like! The candidates she has introduced to me have been intelligent, warm, caring people with heaps of common sense and emotional intelligence and seem to genuinely care about making life easier for me. They've been a different calibre from anyone else any other agency has suggested. 

I can't recommend Lois highly enough - I literally couldn't run my life without her!  Anne L


We have had two wonderful nannies sourced by the founder of Nannies Beyond.  A great deal of care was taken to ensure that only candidates who would suit our family were put forward and we have been really impressed by the service both finding a nanny and making sure that she settles in well.  We are so grateful for all the help we have received and highly recommend Nannies Beyond. David L


Lois literally saved us from a crisis, she came highly recommended from a few friends who had huge success using her agency. We were slightly traumatised after a horrific experience and on the verge of giving up with the idea of live-in help. Lois took the time to listen to us, she was totally empathetic of our previous experience and was able to offer excellent advice about dealing with what happened and about moving forward. We worked closely together to come up with a realistic and attractive offer for our next nanny and Lois did not disappoint. She introduced as to a small selection of excellent calibre nannies and we felt they were all excellent and suitable candidates. After short trials we made an offer to a fabulous nanny who has fitted into our family so well. Our children love her, the grandparents love her and even our dog, Zafi, is smitten. Rebecca D


Lois is a delight to work with, she has an enormous amount of experience and immediately we felt we were in safe hands. What we initially thought would be a stressful and daunting experience searching for the right nanny with relevant experience to take sole charge of our baby and toddler, Lois managed to instil confidence and enabled us to enjoy the search and selection process and turned what we dreaded into a stress free, straight forward experience. Lois introduced us to fantastic nannies and spent a lot of time talking us through each candidate. We felt confident that she knew the candidates she introduced us to and they were exactly what we were looking for. Without any pressure, we were able to do second round interviews and offer trials. Lois was able to negotiate the best package on our behalf and we are delighted with how our nanny has settled into our home. Laura M

Lois is an absolute whirlwind and I cannot recommend Nannies Beyond more. Lois has helped us to fill two nanny vacancies, holding our hand to work out what we wanted when we made the transition from au pair to nanny. Unlike other nanny agencies (and I've tried a few!) her approach is totally bespoke. She has a brilliant understanding of the nanny world and suggests all sorts of questions and considerations that we had not thought of but which turned out to be crucial. She screens the candidates so you only speak to a few fantastic options. Anyone who has looked for a nanny knows how fast-paced the search is, with the best candidates going quickly and speed decisions needed. Lois has the most incredible energy and throws herself at the problem but, crucially, her concern is clearly not just to place a nanny ASAP. When we made a too hasty choice and then had second thoughts, Lois counselled us to reconsider and had alternative candidates in front of us interviewing within half an hour. I will now only use Lois and recommend her to all my friends. Thank you! Helen A


Lois has done an outstanding job securing my position in the nanny industry. She has found an incredible family for me while I was in another country and continues to check in on me to make sure it’s all going well. If there happen to be any hiccups, she has corrected or maintained my position with understanding and logic. I have never had such an amazing agency that is so helpful and passionate about their jobs. I am very happy with Nannies Beyond and recommend this agency to anyone who is looking to further their childcare career.  Daska H


I am a Kiwi girl who moved to London on a youth mobility visa. It was important for me to find a kind family who would welcome me into their home as another member of their family but also give me enough free time in the day to explore London and meet new friends. Nannies Beyond listened to what was important to me, what ages of children I was confident to work with and the duties I was happy to do. I met my employers on Whatsapp video before I arrived in London and we agreed to a 2 week trial. It was a perfect match and I know that my experience living and working in London will be a very positive and something I will never forget. I have Lois at Nannies Beyond to thank for this. Thanks you Lois! Elodie W


This is Olivia, from Cape Town. She has been a nanny in the same family that Lois introduced her to 3 years ago. Olivia works for a single dad taking sole charge of twins ages 4 years old when she started. Olivia is so passionate about childcare that she can’t imagine doing anything else and has recently enrolled on a Montessori teacher training course. Since her arrival, Olivia has introduced us to a few of her Capetonian friends who we have also placed in London as nannies.


Lucy is a brilliant British live-in nanny who had a wealth of excellent previous childcare experience working as a full-time nanny. Lucy takes sole charge of one little baby boy and is the first nanny her current family has employed. Mum had recently returned to work after maternity leave knowing her little one is in very safe hands and is thriving under the wonderful care and love he gets from Lucy. 

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